Effects of Monitoring the Dark Web

Technology is about much more than just the gadgets that we use in our lives. It’s about the human element of our interaction with Technology. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as interested in the flashy new toy/tool that comes across my desk or screen. But frequently I stop and think about the impact those new devices have on our human nature. I think about how my thoughts, behaviors and expectations have been shaped by technology. I can’t help but wonder if technology is advancing faster then we can adapt to it as human beings.

Recently I came across a post by a friend, that brought up one such example of the negative effects of exposure to some of the darker aspects of technology in our lives. It made me wonder what other long term effects our exposure to technology has on us. Think of how much mobile devices / Cell phones have become ingrained in our daily lives. Have you ever had a brief panic attack when you have misplaced your phone? And I have seen only a small fraction of the research on technology addiction that must be out there.

Anyway, if you care to see the article, the link is below, I found it fascinating, and a relatively quick read. Okay, now back to my e-mail…..