Who We Are

C Squared Computer Consulting was created in January 2002 and we were later registered as a Colorado S Corporation in 2004. Our founder, Chris Kaiser, did not have some genius moment that was spurred by the entrepreneurial spirit he simply realized being part of the corporate IT industry as an in-house IT specialist was not his scene. During the time around 9-11, Chris realized he could find people who needed help and were willing to pay him for his time and expertise in the realm of computers. Upon leaving the corporate world, Chris started off with helping a few non-profit clients and small businesses that did not have in-house IT expertise through small projects, planning, execution, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Starting in 2004, C Squared started taking on employees and expanding.

What started off as a one-person show has grown into a whole company with a well-qualified team of professionals. The C Squared Computer Consulting team comes from diverse backgrounds, but we are all passionate about one thing, technology—and even more specifically, we are passionate about making sure that your technology works the best for you. C Squared Computer Consulting started with the premise that we want to help small businesses or those that do not have in-house IT to be successful, and we continue to put in the work and brain power with our skills to ensure the success of your business and achieving your goals.

We aim to inspire people to think of technology as a strategic advantage rather than a necessary evil. Over the years, we have sought the best ways to find the most outstanding solutions that match the needs of our clients and their businesses. We also find ways to improve our service delivery on a daily basis.

What is Computer Consulting and Do you Need It?

So what is computer consulting? In short, computer consulting is the practice of individuals advising organizations on how best to use technology in order to achieve their business goals and make sure that all computer systems are running efficiently and accurately.

Which is exactly what we do here at C Squared Computer Consulting—we make sure that your technology is performing at 100 percent and that you have the correct computer tools to continue achieving success.

There are two main types of computer consultants, functional and technological consultants. A technological consultant is exactly what it sounds like. They have the expertise in the hardware, programming, and configuration of the problem and the solution to your technology request. The functional consultants have the expertise in the actual use and implementation of these solutions. Here at C Squared Computer Consulting, we have both types of consultants.

Why Choose C Squared

At C Squared Computer Consulting, we work to serve your computer and tech needs. We specialize in providing applied technology experience for small to medium businesses in our Denver-based community. Our mission is providing practical tech solutions to meet each customer’s unique technology need to continue growing their business.

People ask us, “Why should we choose C Squared?” The answer is simple: you’re more than just a computer question to us. We do what we do because we believe people with technology problems are more important than the technology problems themselves. We go above and beyond to help educate and empower each of our customers with the right tech solutions, not just providing the ones with the greatest profit to us.

Our passion for helping solve your technology needs is what helps us take super technical jargon and computer solutions and translate them into customer-friendly communication.

Our C Squared staff is committed to providing you the best solutions for your technology needs at a price you can afford and in a way that makes sense for you.

Our Founder

Our founder, Chris Kaiser, is a Colorado native. Born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado, Chris was not one that was naturally drawn to the technology world at a young age.

With his Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in philosophy, Chris took a job working in the mental health field right out of college. Continuing in this arena for many years, Chris started using a computer to speed up his documentation process as a Clinical Case Manager. He started to create templates that would help streamline his data entry process, allowing him to be more efficient and successful with his clients. Chris also went on to create a database specifically to track his client care workload. Once his higher ups learned what he was doing, they decided to laterally transfer him to the administrative side of the company.

This transfer allowed Chris to focus solely on the systems to help the clinical staff with efficiency and accuracy. It was during this time on the administrative side of the company that Chris witnessed how technology really is a tool that can help achieve goals through efficiency and accuracy, and that technology simply makes things easier all the way around. Thus, Chris found himself developing a strong passion working with technology. Therefore, Chris went on to found C Squared Computer Consulting to continue melding his passion for technology and his drive to help others achieve their success goals.