Why you need a firewall and what it does

Why have a firewall? What does it protect me from? What’s the cost of having one or not having one? Firewalls (and the underlying networks) should be audited regularly to ensure compliance and adherence to corporate rules. That not only protects corporate data, but also any customer data that may be stored on the network. One only has to look at the recent large-scale compromises experienced by numerous retailers, healthcare plans and other businesses to see the extent to which customer data has been compromised and the high costs associated with remediating the problems. A properly configured firewall can be a powerful ally when it comes to protecting your data, as well as your customers’ data.

Internal firewalls add an extra level of security to provide network segmentation further protecting key internal data and assets in the event a threat gets past the perimeter.


The firewall monitors all network traffic and has the ability to identify and block unwanted traffic. Since most computers these days are connected to the Internet, attackers have many opportunities to find victim computers. These attackers probe other computers on the Internet to determine if they are vulnerable to various types of attacks. When they find a suitable computer, they can compromise it and insert themselves onto that computer. Attackers will often try to steal personal information for the purposes of financial fraud. All of this activity takes place in the background without the user knowing what is happening.

One of the increasingly major threats that business’s face is “ransomware” and a firewall is the first layer of a multi-layer defense strategy to prevent or recover from this.

  • Ransomware is not blocked by traditional Anti-virus software because it acts like a valid security mechanism of encryption – encrypting your files and making then inaccessible by you unless you pay the ransom to get the digital key to unlock the encryption.
  • Along with Ransomware distribution and infection, extortion has seen a natural growth. While some studies predict that around $200 million was paid to thieves in 2016, the FBI says it is much more than $1 Billion. This is mostly because the lowest ransom demand per hack has gone up considerably from $250 to almost $700 this year and considerably larger depending on the company and their ability to pay.

Once in place, the SonicWALL TZ300 can provide instant “visibility” to traffic traversing into and out of a specific network segment thus delivering proactive and real-time protection based on the latest security updates.


Security as a Service (SaaS) allows you to get the latest generation of firewall without a large outlay of capital up front since it’s a monthly subscription.

  • This also means that as new generations of firewalls are released, you can upgrade to them – Its included as part of your monthly subscription
  • This means you will have known monthly capital outlays and stay up to date at the same time
  • Monitoring, changes in best practices, and firmware updates are all included in the SaaS monthly cost

What we offer as a service.

  • Our solutions will monitor and analyze the performance of your firewall.
  • Protecting you from Malware and Virus’s that can slow down your computer, even cause data lose.
  • Protect your systems from malicious activity or policy violations.
  • Rapidly deploy Firmware updates, backup and recovery with secure remote access solution.
  • Helps with productivity by blocking web sites that cause distractions, Facebook, Myspace, DoubleClick, Ect.
  • Block access to and from countries that are known to host or harbor malicious sites and actors