Why Choose C Squared

At C Squared Computer Consulting, we work to serve your computer and tech needs. We specialize in providing applied technology experience for small to medium businesses in our Denver-based community. Our mission is providing practical tech solutions to meet each customer’s unique technology need to continue growing their business.


People ask us, “Why should we choose C Squared?” The answer is simple: you’re more than just a computer question to us. We do what we do because we believe people with technology problems are more important than the technology problems themselves. We go above and beyond to help educate and empower each of our customers with the right tech solutions, not just providing the ones with the greatest profit to us.


Our passion for helping solve your technology needs is what helps us take super technical jargon and computer solutions and translate them into customer-friendly communication.


Our C Squared staff is committed to providing you the best solutions for your technology needs at a price you can afford and in a way that makes sense for you.