Our Founder

Our founder, Chris Kaiser, is a Colorado native. Born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado, Chris was not one that was naturally drawn to the technology world at a young age.


With his Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in philosophy, Chris took a job working in the mental health field right out of college. Continuing in this arena for many years, Chris started using a computer to speed up his documentation process as a Clinical Case Manager. He started to create templates that would help streamline his data entry process, allowing him to be more efficient and successful with his clients. Chris also went on to create a database specifically to track his client care workload. Once his higher ups learned what he was doing, they decided to laterally transfer him to the administrative side of the company.


This transfer allowed Chris to focus solely on the systems to help the clinical staff with efficiency and accuracy. It was during this time on the administrative side of the company that Chris witnessed how technology really is a tool that can help achieve goals through efficiency and accuracy, and that technology simply makes things easier all the way around. Thus, Chris found himself developing a strong passion working with technology. Therefore, Chris went on to found C Squared Computer Consulting to continue melding his passion for technology and his drive to help others achieve their success goals.