There is already much information being transmitted across the internet about this pandemic. Perhaps some of the most notable updates being provided by the World Health Organization: and the Center for Disease Control:

Without adding too much to the vast amounts of information, we thought it was important for C Squared to contribute in a small way with what we have identified to be relevant information, that may pertain to your business.

First, while we are immersed in the Technology Industry, we are a Service Driven organization – it is the people that matter most to us. Our first concern is to our Staff, or clients, and the community that we serve and work in. While our goal is to empower businesses through the effective use of technology, our concern is for the people that make the businesses and community what they are. We are doing what we can to support those around us in whatever capacity we can. By leveraging technology in our own business, we feel we can respond to our client’s needs effectively in the days and weeks to come – our businesses do not depend on our physical office location.

We would like you to please note the following observations and initial effects of the world events we are all experiencing.

*There is a significant rise of Cyber criminal activity framed around the Coronavirus outbreak. Over 4000 new domain names have been registered for the coronavirus since January, which means there is a greater opportunity for phishing, malware, and other cybersecurity threats to happen. Please visit only well known and reputable resources for information. Remember, that if any link requires you to submit credentials, stop and verify the source, feel free to contact our helpdesk with any questions or requests for assistance.

*The availability of hardware, such as laptops, is greatly impacted right now. Significant delays in acquiring new hardware are to be expected. We are doing our best to maintain access to resources, but all distributors are experiencing a scarcity of equipment. Please be aware of time frames for receiving new equipment.

*Microsoft Teams is being heavily adopted to enable remote workforce participation. Microsoft has offered the premium version of Microsoft Teams for free over the next six months due to coronavirus

*Please be patient as we respond to an influx in client requests. We are doing our best to allocate resources as efficiently as possible, but please understand we may be experiencing higher than usual demands. Additionally, all On-Site visits may be re-evaluated, we will be continuing to monitor and watch for any significant updates. We will continue to do our best to meet all of our clients needs to the best of our abilities.

*Business Continuity and Remote working are more complex than just having backups and a laptop. There are a number of factors that play into the effectiveness of a business to leverage a ‘work from anywhere’ technology approach. Security is a top priority in assessing this capability. If you are interested in reviewing your businesses ability to successfully adopt this into your business strategy, consider taking the following Self Assessment.

*Lastly – don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything we can do for you or your business. Thank you.

C Squared Computer Consulting Inc.